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Aeolia Leather Barefoot Women Loafers - Black

Aeolia Leather Barefoot Women Loafers - Black

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Icons highlighting features: natural genuine leather, anatomic wide toe box,  flexible zero drop sole, lightweight, and 100% handcrafted.
Model showcasing casual barefoot loafers in burgundy and black, paired with a leather jacket and helmet. Comfortable and healthy footwear for everyday wear. Explore more at
Close-up of brown barefoot loafers with orange socks, paired with white pants. Casual and healthy footwear for everyday comfort. Explore more at
Close-up of brown and beige barefoot loafers placed near a wooden chair. Casual and healthy footwear crafted from premium leather. Discover comfort at
Model wearing brown barefoot loafers with light blue socks, foot resting on a bike pedal. Casual and healthy, perfect for everyday comfort. Discover more at
Collection of barefoot loafers in various colors next to a helmet and gloves. Casual and stylish, perfect for everyday wear. Explore more at

Shipping & Returns

We dedicate special attention and time to ensure the quality of our products. Therefore, the shipping process takes 3-7 days. It will be delivered by Free Express Shipping to the United States, by UPS and FedEx, within 1-4 days after shipment.

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Size & Fit

We use European sizing for all our footwear. For more accurate sizing, please measure your foot using the suggested method. (Please use a PHYSICAL RULER when measuring; phone apps often measure inaccurately.)

Care Instructions

Protect from Water and Dirt:
Avoid exposing barefoot shoes to wet or dirty conditions. If shoes become wet, air dry them instead of using heat sources to prevent leather damage.

Clean and Polish Regularly:
Wipe off dirt or debris with a soft, damp cloth.
Apply leather cleaner and conditioner to maintain leather quality. Use shoe polish or wax for a polished appearance.

Rotate Usage:
Alternate between multiple pairs to prevent uneven wear, which extends the shoe lifespan and preserves appearance.

Implementing these care practices ensures prolonged durability and aesthetics for your barefoot shoes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Love it beautiful, but it


I like mine so much, that I ordered a pair for my husband. He is delighted with them, and how comfortable they are!


I love my shoes!!! That fit well are wide enough and so comfortable


I love these shoes, A +++


Great quality and looks great